Homemade Vanilla Sugar — 14 Comments

  1. Funny, my Dad’s parents came to New York from Bavaria for him to be born. they went back when he was a year old. he came after the war, but was forced to give up his German citizenship. Him & my Mom met in NYC.

  2. my mom was actually born in Passaic NJ but went back to Austria at 6 mnths old..she came back here at 16 to work for a few years….but the war started and could not get back…met my dad, got married ….and lived in NJ the rest of her life..loved her stories about growing up…she was also a great cook and her baking is sure missed

  3. Father always said we lived an Austro-Hungarian culture although he is pure Magyar….whatever that means….to me. all the eastern European countries are so close with little differences. It reminds me of the USA ad the little differences in the states here

  4. That is the beauty of putting my website together the way I am doing it. I research the origin of a recipe and even some of the ingredients. For me it helps trace Slavic history in food. 🙂

  5. Not totally Australian. When I began to research the use of Vanilla Sugar many of the recipes I found were of Czech (or Slovak) origin. I have also found uses in other Slavic Countries recipes including Austria. Even countries in Latin America, mainly Costa Rica, were found in the research.

  6. Just thought it was part of life to automatically stick a vanilla bean in confectioners sugar so its always ready for sprinkling….never even thought to use it in a granulated sugar…thanks for sharing.

  7. Recipe Posted: A lot of European cookie recipes use vanilla sugar in place of vanilla extract. Vanilla sugar is mostly a homemade item that is sold commercially but not found in grocery stores. You can find it primarily in gourmet shops or from online gourmet suppliers. Here is a recipe to make your own and store it for later use.

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