Czechoslovakian Halusky — 32 Comments

  1. I lived in the heart of Slovakia for nearly seven years and this former National dish (now outranked by Vyprazeny Syr… at least as of 2013) was one of my absolute favorites, especially when homemade. I stumbled across this site in search of something else, but it brought back some great (and delicious) memories!

  2. Susan, baking soda like baking powder is a leaving agent and as such allows the dough to become lighter as it hits the boiling water. Baking powder contains baking soda. It is a mixture of baking soda, cream of tartar (a dry acid), and sometimes cornstarch.

  3. Hi, John- I’d found another recipe from Saveur magazine (Nov. 2011) that I wanted to try and it also called for Baking Soda, which I thought was odd, as there doesn’t appear to be any “acidic ingredients” in the recipe for the baking soda to interact with to create leavening. I thought they must have made a mistake and meant Baking Powder (which contains an acidic agent), as the Baking Soda (without an acidic ingredient) would result in a very soapy taste. Interestingly, in your recipe, you list Baking Soda in the ingredients, but you refer to Baking Powder in the directions. Could you please clarify which you use in your recipe? Thanks!

  4. My grandfather Mitrosky (Cowboy John) loved it and made it often. He would send me to Steve’s Dairy on Smith St. for some pot cheese. Sometimes when I was a little boy he would make a small portion with lekvar for me.

    • How about feta (goat) cheese as in the recipe? It’s close the bryndza (sheep milk cheese) used in Slovakia. You find it in the refrigerator area of dairy section or in the deli section.

  5. People back in those day always made the most of what was available… we now days call it Peasant food…
    But tell you what !!! the Peasants ate better than the well to do !!!

  6. My mom would cube up fry out Salt Pork till crispy… were Polaks…
    Top off Perogies … potatoes … Buckwheat …kasha
    She would make a sausage ( pork casing) filled with grated Potatoes ( Raw) S&P and the Squarkie ( as she called them) mixed together then cook the potato sausage on a slow boil and the potato would come out like a translucent gell… OMG was that good !!!
    She always put so much Love into everything she did

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