Growing up Slavic in NJ — 10 Comments

  1. My Name Is Albert Pjosek I To Grewe Up In Perth Amboy Went To Holy Trinity School, From 1942 thru 1950 My Aunt Was Mrs. Cecilia Gall Lived On 520 Penn St. Right Along Side Of The Old Church I remember Fr. Rura And After He Passed On Fr. Churak Very Long Time Ago. If Any One Knows Me You Can Contact Me At: Thank You.

  2. John
    I also grew up in perth amboy and went to HTS. If I am not mistaken I may have gone through school with your brother Kenneth. I remember you mother and brothers well. Everyone in HTS was sort of like family. My great grandfather was actually one of the founders of holy trinity. John Kacmarsky. I still ride by the area every now and then but things have changed drastically. the church is only open for Mass on Sunday but I was able to gain entry while a janitor was cleaning. It brought back a lot of memories especially of being an altar boy for Msgr Churak for 6 years. Him and father Bumbera were always there to set you straight.

  3. John Lipovsky~ That is great to do that…I posted that info about the Terracotta plant…we shipped that all over…We were renown for that. That is a shame not to educate the people of the town on that. Certainly something to crow about…how about our ship building legacy~ My Garndfather worked on the dry dock in PA…we had a famous sub built there.

  4. I’m wondering how many of you all know about some of the facts I included in my article? I wonder how many kids in that city’s own school system even are taught the facts I included in my article… including about Perth Amboy and the Bill of Rights?

  5. I miss them also, Noreen… I’m wondering how many kids in the school system there even taught the facts I included in my article… including about Perth Amboy and the Bill of Rights?

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