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  1. I loved Parnes Bakery! Every Sunday after church we would go from Holy Trinity to get fresh rye bread, (real) hard rolls and occasionally jelly donuts (my favorite). This recipe isn’t like a Parnes’ but it’s pretty close for a home baked.

  2. Commercial facilities actually have a built-in fogger to keep the humidity high during the initial crust forming time which happens at the start of the baking time without having to directly spray the loaves.

  3. Michael, I will be perfecting my previous experimental rye recipe and then will post the full recipe. I’m sure you understand the following process. With what I have read and used to get that typical crusty crust is to preheat the oven to over 425-450°F for about 30 to 45 mins before adding the loaves. This also includes placing a heavy-ish flat, upside-down tray or using a large rectangular pizza stone and a fairly wide and deep tray on the most lower rack position of the oven for the water. With a sprayer, moisten the tops and sides of the loaves (loaf) with warm water just before placing them (it) in the oven on a center rack and then – CAREFULLY – pouring iced water (about a quart) with cubes in the tray at the bottom for steam and humidity. The cubes will melt slowly giving a reserve of liquid water for steam while the water with the cubes evaporates. As you are closing the door, heavily spray the inside of the oven walls and space with water. Close the oven door quickly and LOWER the oven temp to what the recipe calls for – usually between 325-375°F. Within the first 5-10 mins, open the oven door a little to moisten the oven space more with water from the spray bottle.

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