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  1. John my name is dennis and went to holy trinity school with I beleive your brother Kenneth.
    Knew your family well. We were a very tight knit community. Is our brother still around the aread

  2. I have another easier recipe on the website were you just make the meat into meatballs – no wrapping in the cabbage – and STILL have the flavor of the cabbage since it is cooked in the sauce with the meatballs. And the cabbage leaves are there to serve “on the side”.

  3. Some say to me that their grandparents boiled the cabbage so that is the way it should be made. Well, when our grandparents and great-grandparents made stuffed cabbage in their day there was either no refrigerators (or ice box like my grandmother had in Perth Amboy), or if they did only cooling was an option – not freezing. They only knew then to steam and boil the heads of cabbage. All those pots on the stove and colanders… steaming, peeling, cooling, steaming, peeling… etc. Skip all that mess with the freezing method.

  4. and now easier to make if you use my method in the recipe of freezing, then thawing the head of cabbage instead of steaming it. Makes a big difference in the kitchen and the flavor as well.

  5. Making the meat part is almost like making a meatloaf or real meatballs – you just have to get your hands into it. LOL But with freezing the cabbage and then thawing it takes away the biggest hassle. If you follow my recipe, you don’t even have to make them into cabbage rolls to get the full flavor. Just cook them longer on a slightly lower temperature.

  6. John, this is Idaho! They don’t do Slovak, they do Mexican. Boiling the cabbage was the biggest hassle. I just might have to cowgirl up and make it for Dad. Paul will love it to, however. I don’t want anyone thinking I cook like that all the time…….chuckle!

  7. LOL You might actually be able to buy frozen stuffed cabbage in the frozen food section at your grocer’s. It’s not better than homemade but its not bad either. Just make sure it’s the kind made with tomato sauce. But the recipe I have on the Slavic Cooking website is fairly easy to make because of the freezing of the head of cabbage first. I think that was the biggest hassle when you had to do it the long way by boiling.

  8. Too funny! My dad has been demanding stuffed cabbage for the past few days. He hasn’t had any since he moved to ID a year ad a half ago. I remember my mom making it and it seemed to be quite the production, which I don’t have time for. Can I buy it in bulk frozen and have it shipped? Just asking……….

  9. Cheater Stuffed Cabbage: In one of the pictures above you will see that there are unwrapped meatballs made from the same meat as the cabbage rolls. I made sorta a “cheaters” stuffed cabbage – you just use the same meat recipe, form into large meatballs, place in a baking dish lined with cabbage, spread sauce over the meatballs, cover the meatballs with more cabbage leaves and more sauce. Cover tightly with foil and bake as normal. Tastes the same way but great for fussy kids who want nothing to do with cabbage. They get the flavor but “look honey, its just meatballs. No cabbage”!!!!!

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