Polish Potato Pancakes — 51 Comments

  1. I know this was posted a few days ago but I could not get on line.. I have made the potato pncakes with potato and Zucchini and they were great also. I hope I spelled that correct? Sorry If I didn`t? Now waiting for the donut recipe–sharing lol.

  2. OK… settled.. making this with the Kotlet schabowy… The recipe is the recipe I have used for years… Thanks mom (Anne Daniewicz Lipovsky Yourstone) for teaching me how to make these when I was little.

  3. I always ate these plain but I know others used sour cream. I usually had to always make at least a 1/3 more than planned… I’m not sure how it happened but they would disappear as I was cooking. O:-)

  4. I used to make these a lot for my kids… These would be awesome as a mini version for Super Bowl Sunday snacking with a sour cream based dip.

  5. Of course, the cook has to sample them, to make sure they are good. :). I just finished making a batch of chruschiki to take to my granddaughter’s for tonights celebration. It’s a fish and seafood meal and so delicious.

  6. Eileen, I know what you mean… I couldn’t make them fast enough either even with 2 pans going. Of course I wasn’t any help either. The cook always has to try their own food,,, you know… just to be sure! LOL

  7. The recipe for the pancakes along with a short history about the potato pancakes are found on the website. With most of the recipes I post there, I just don’t share the recipe alone but I like to give you a little history of how a food is part of that country in the Slavic region. It’s one thing knowing it’s Polish, Hungarian, German (etc), but where and when the food got introduced. And yes, pictures if I have them.

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