National Pierogi Day — 28 Comments

  1. I bought pierogi from Stas Deli on St. George Avenue and Plainfield Ave. yesterday and they were DELICIOUS! (Made in store) I bought the potato cheese and sauteed some onion in butter before throwing the pierogi in to warm under a cover. SCRUMPTIOUS!

  2. Here are a couple of pics from my dinner celebrating National Pierogi Day. I included one that shows how I used the form which is posted on my website for purchase that makes 1 1/2″ mini pierogi. I filled these with potato, sauteed onion and cheddar. Of course the recipe for both the dough and filling is also on the website.

  3. I’ll be making a double batch later today. I have been sick with a bad cold (high fever and all) so I haven’t done much cooking but sick or no sick… gotta make pierogi on the National Holiday. LOL

  4. Kim Schiadaresis,Thanks. I can imagine you walking into your county job with a plate of them, making everyone jealous. My dad used to take orders for the guys at work at Permacal Tape when I was a kid. He would sometimes take in as many as 8-9 dozen from the Ukrainian Church in Perth Amboy.

  5. Peter Szewzek …713 W. Grand Ave. off of St. George Ave. …when you go in, it’s like stepping into a polish kitchen, their making them right in front of you!!! soooo delicious…must try

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