Flip the Bird Turkey Cooking — 22 Comments

  1. Merry Christmas John, enjoy! …we’ll also be getting together tomorrow evening to celebrate, beginning with oplatek, fish, pierogi, kluski and many other favorites.

    PS. Groom Street just not the same anymore. Sad.

  2. I used that rack insert to keep the bird centered in the tray while it cooks breast-side-down for the first hr. The rack made it very easy to flip the bird into the regular position for the remaining cooking time. The back of the bird has a beautiful brown color and now the breast will get the same beautiful coloring and sooooo juicy.

  3. Yes, and you don’t realize how well this works until you try it. Usually turkey white meat is tender and of course moist but when you first cook back-side-up it allows all those juices from the dark meat sink down into the white meat. And because the meat is cooking the juices become trapped. Then when you “Flip The Bird” the natural flavor and any marinade that you may have used remains and you will get the roasted turkey (any poultry) that is the tastiest and juiciest ever. Check out the link above for some marinade ideas if you haven’t already put the bird in yet. We are eating later so I just put mine in.

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