Buns for Burgers — 13 Comments

  1. I got mine online from King Author Flour. My brother mention that he saw it at a local bakery supply company but he didn’t remember which. So I just ordered it from online when I ordered my bulk yeast and rye flour.

  2. With the use of honey in this recipe the rolls or buns stay fresher longer… And if you make the full batch (recipe is safe to cut in half) they freeze and then thaw later great! (REMEMBER, NEVER REFRIGERATE BREAD)

  3. Pat, I know it’s our hot season but on those days when temps drop into the mid 70s these rolls are perfect and only take about 12-15 mins to bake. Add in the pre-heat time your oven will only be on about 1/2hr the most.

  4. Gale , when I post the recipe and instructions, if you haven’t been to the website yet (and you should take a look around 🙂 ) you will see that I get very detailed. I do that because I never assume that anyone would just know what the between steps are. Like myself, I never took lessons except from watching my mom growing up. I was never good with dough either – only recently. I watched so many YouTube videos over the past 4 years that the video card in my computer would over-heated LOL J/K

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