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  1. When I go to NJ for Christmas (crossing fingers) I will be sure to give her a hug from you 🙂 She’ll be getting a lot from me and I hope I don’t break her 91 1/2 yo self. :-/

  2. Thanks Noreen. However, I could not survive on the little I make. I will now be studying French cooking and have just purchased books by Chef Paul Bocuse of Lyon, France and Chef Daniel Boulud, who also is from Lyon and who owns the restaurant Daniel in New York City. My wife and I will go to Las Vegas and eat at Daniel’s restaurant in the Venetian Casino. At age 75, I still enjoy learning and trying to be an asset at home; although, I can’t say that I have always accomplished this.

  3. I purchased the meat grinder/pasta maker attachment at a garage sale still in the box; very cheap. I down loaded the instructions from the internet. At $4.99 or more per pound for chopped beef with 7% fat, I would prefer to buy London broil at $2.99 per pound and grind my own. Less threat of e.coli also. With the pasta attachment you can make rigatoni and other extruded pastas. (I also was lucky to purchase a relatively new Mercato Atlas pasta machine still in the box with a fettucini/thin pasta cutter and a lasagna cutter all for $5.00. I will soon make more shrimp/ricotta filled ravioli with garlic and shallots.

  4. Yes I noticed that is a little problem for me not having a gang to cook for. I think I should have bought the smaller one as much as I love this one. You have to make a lot of anything you put in it.

  5. Well, if yours ever stops working you always have the link above to check into a new one. This bowl is so big that a single box of cake mis would get lost in it. LOL I can’t wait for Thanksgiving so when I can make 10 lbs of mashed potatoes…. um… for just Danny and myself. LOL

  6. Like it’s mentioned in the article on the website, it’s an early combined birthday and Christmas gift. I’m going to save the box in the attic with my decorations and put it under my tree for Christmas.

  7. My mother said that Kohl’s was having a big sale on these. Even with her discounts and Kohl dollars this was still a lot less – plus the taxes added would have added an additional $29 which was saved by buying from Amazon. All I know – I’m a happy camper… errrrrrrr baker LOL

  8. This thing is HUGE! Jay, do you realize how many peirogi I can make with a batch able to fill that 6 qt bowl? We can eat them for months (well, you, Danny and I can devour the same amount in less than a week)

  9. This was also a lot less expensive on Amazon (link is included in post) as compared to Kohls and other online sites by about $150… Walmart doesn’t even carry this version. Plus no sales tax.

  10. Hey that is mine exactly~~ how wonderful, you of all people should have one of these. Don’t buy that shredder attachment…it is no good~~ go on facebook for attachments…much cheaper there.

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