This is where you can share your recipes as a contribution.

Please make sure that you include the ethnic category and the meal course.  If a Holiday dessert then use that.  If you don’t know which ethnic group the recipe predominately belongs to either label it as unknown, Google it or just take a guess.

If you are going to share your recipes that belong to, say,  grandma or someone other than yourself then feel free to give them credit as well. This could be a family member, friend, article, recipe book, etc. I am sure they will appreciate it.

You can submit your recipe in a MS Word document or simply a NotePad (txt extention) file and upload it. Put each ingredient and direction steps on separate lines. Numbering each step is not required.

Add a description and if there are suggestions for preparing, for when the dish is served or as a display you can add a “Special Notes:” paragraph similar to the recipes posted on Slavic Cooking. 

Remember, give credit where credit is due…

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