1. John, do you live in Florida?? I do and every trip I make to NJ I either ship my clothes back ups and fill up my suitcase or take another one with me. One year clothes were shipped home and my suitcase was full of jersey corn and tomatoes. The agent at the ticket counter never charged me for over weight at the atlantic city airport because I went back forth so much she already knew me. Another year before Easter I got off the plane with 2 cheese babka’s hanging off my handbag.

  2. Trust me, if I get up there for Christmas to see my mom (she lives in Edison now), I will be bringing back a few loaves of rye and pumpernickel bread and a couple of dozens of hard rolls from Raritan. Will freeze them for later use! LOL They also ship anywhere in the US.

  3. At Sipos its either a plain babka or babka with raisins year round. They are baked on Thursday so I try to get there then or Fridays. Thinking I’ll head to Raritan Bakery later this week.

  4. Yes John. been to the Raritan bakery a few times. It is an excellent one. We have Bovella’s in nearby Westfield for Italian offerings. My Italian wife loves babka. She asked for one years ago when we were dating. She gets one every now and then.

  5. Peter, have you tried the Raritan Bakery on Amboy Ave in Edison? I spoke with the baker/owner when I was up there the last time. in late July he shuts down for a week or two and travels around to other bakeries to better idea what he needs to keep up with. His breads are very close to what I remember Parnes as having (not a plug for anyone)

  6. Thank you Gale and Peter for the wishes! My mom always made and decorated our birthday cakes. I remember them being sheet cakes and she was pretty artistic with decorating. The only bakery bought cakes (from Parnes, of course 🙂 ) were for 1st communions, confirmations, graduations, etc. I was too young to remember the christening cakes. LOL

  7. Happy Belated Birthday John,,, If Parnes were still open you could have ordered a cake. What is Blue Velvet, I have had Red Velvet with cream cheese icing it’s great…… Now, where did you get a pierogi maker???

  8. Noreen, yes, Baby Boomers (I’m too young to be a boomer… I’m only 39 (and holding) LOL) and Dogs R Us Groups are in the top contenders of best FB groups… but, specifically, other than the HS groups and the PA Over The Rainbow Group (which have a limited-special purpose), the 2 best general “Perth Amboy” Groups are this one and the Perth Amboy’s We Love Food Group. 🙂 Groups which have an active moderator, such as yourself and Patricia, make these Perth Amboy groups the best to belong to and it’s because we all know where your hearts are. Plus the members share a true and basic love for – OUR TOWN, the history and the heritages that make up the best there is/was in our beloved city.

  9. Thanks so much John, 🙂 I say it all the time “2 best Groups” along with the Baby Boomer group also. It’s been a lot of work for all of us to build these groups, great members have made these groups what they are today and we have a long way yet to go.I have to figure out how many years now the Food Group has been in existence…? The greatest thing is that we have members now all over the country and our Chef Paprika right out of Hungary/ Hungary. So friends invite anyone anywhere as long as they Love Food~~

  10. John … I hope I didn’t miss your B day… I was out of it after surgery on Thursday…. But if I did .. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday and it was extra special…. LOL I made my B day cake.. sorry if I did miss it… all about the Love bruda…. your diner looks divine

  11. I was only going to post this in the Perth Amboy, We Love Food Group but the Perth Amboy Boy in me, as the place of my birth, got me wanting to share this with all of you as well. I love this group. If anyone here would also like to join the Perth Amboy Food Group and be a member of the TWO BEST groups we have on FB, all you need to do is ask to be a member (closed group). Patricia is a great moderator here and Noreen is of the Food Group. Join both and enjoy the best of both worlds – I mean Perth Amboy groups. 🙂 Both groups have two different themes and are NOT competition to the other. It’s not like saying “should I go with the JERSEY Giants or the Jets. It’s like saying I like the Met’s and the Giants. 2 different games. 🙂

  12. People believe that red velvet cake got its name because of the reddish hue that was produced by the reaction between natural cocoa powder and buttermilk. But now since we have great food coloring inks to heighten the color sooooooo, why not have some fun? This is a new twist on a traditional red velvet cake, inspired by the royal heirloom blue sapphire engagement ring.

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