Aunt Joan’s Cheesecake — 19 Comments

  1. Maria… You won’t be disappointed… From the time my aunt passed away until just last year I longed for her cheese cake. Like the story on my blog (click the link above) my mom sent me 2 of her old cookbooks with other pieces of papers of notes. That was when I found a recipe in my HS penmanship of my aunt’s cheese cake. I remembered watching her as she made it from memory and I wrote down every ingredient and step she took. When I tasted this cake the first time I made it after finding the recipe I teared up remembering my aunt and how special she was to me.

  2. I recommend it… one of the best cheese cakes I ever had
    Nice tribute to Joan and that branch of your family
    I’ll save it and show it to Paul the next time he’s down…
    BTW it’s a Jersey Cheese Cake

  3. Hey John
    making this today…need to know
    what size spring form to use…
    when to put the sour cream in
    And usually you run a knife around the edge after it’s baked
    I don’t know exactly when to do this…after it’s refrigerated ? or before ?
    We don’t care for Graham crust…so I’m making it with vanilla wafers and a hint of nutmeg

  4. In the ingredients should say 3 large eggs. I guess I wasn’t so good with the proof reading on the back-end. No excuses but I was having problems with the site and rushed. Nancy, thank you for pointing out the omission. Sometimes more pairs of eyes is helpful! (y)

  5. Sounds wonderful…I have never baked a cheesecake & would love to try it…#5 in the recipe said to add eggs 1 @ a time but I did not see an amount of eggs…how many? Thanks for sharing your aunt’s recipe…?

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