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Winter Baking website is dedicated to traditional recipes from the Slavic Region of old Europe. The Slavic Region is represented by many nations including but not limited to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and parts of Russia and others. In the 10th century the Czechs were more powerful, and in the 16th century Poland was the strongest nation in the area. Russia is now the most powerful Slavic country.

    This site and blog is about the home cooking of our grandparents in the old country that they brought over to the Americas. And who doesn’t enjoy pierogi, kielbasa or even Hungarian Chicken Paprikás?! Maybe you have a different version of a recipe and would like to share. Maybe you even have a story which you would like to share about your own Babchi, grandma, nana or whatever you called your grandmother.

     On this blog I hope to share with you my ideas and practices in the kitchen. Sometimes certain things done by others can lead to true and accepted short-cuts. Maybe even a more improved method of cooking and baking. At anytime you wish to add something or even find something I posted is incorrect, please feel free to comment. Cooking Slavic food, whether it be Polish, Czechoslovak, Hungarian or other countries in the region, is important to keeping our ethnic heritage alive in our traditions.

     I hope that this site will grow and flourish by content with new recipes and membership. You can add your own recipes to Slavic Cooking website by registering as a member. I tried to make the process as easy as possible. You can simply use your Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) account to login with no information saved or exchanged here. It’s all secure. Included are sections so that specific classifications are listed. Feel free to invite your family and friends to this site to be a member. Participation is key to the quality that this site can contribute in keeping our Slavic Heritage alive in traditions.

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Upgrades and Updates

This site is for YOU (and me). Sharing a recipe is only one aspect of the BLOG. The BLOG contains many historical facts, information and images from those countries. Your input in keeping family memories alive is more important today.

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Placing an @ AOL, Yahoo (or ymail) and yes, even gmail for emails by an applicant for a professional job just does not help get that job… You have to brand yourself so be careful including the smallest detail.

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