Sauerbraten – German...

In Memory ofChef “Nick” Manno
Potato Pancakes From
Left-over Mashed Potatoes

Potato Pancakes From...

mashed potato cakes with bratwurst
Paska - Slovak Easter Sweet Bread

Paska – Slovak...

     Like many of the other Eastern Europeans,
Slovak Easter Cheese (Cirak)

Slovak Easter Cheese...

Easter (Veľká noc)
     During the weeks
Nalesniki Cienkie

Nalesniki Cienkie (Polish...

Nalesniki Cienkie“Thin Pancakes”
Stuffed Cabbage Meatballs

Mini Cabbage-Flavored...

– NOT PICTURED -Mini Stuffed Cabbage Flavored MeatBalls
Hungarian Easter Cheese

Hungarian Easter Cheese...

Easter (Húsvét)
     At Easter, boys
Házi Májas Hurka
Hungarian Homemade Sausage

Homemade Hungarian (Liver...

Házi Májas Hurka
Homemade Hungarian
Liver and Rice Pudding
sheppard pie

Sheppard Pie

Turkey Shepard’s Pie
The history
mini square hamburgers

Sliders – Super Bowl...

      You can make burgers so many
Plum Cake

Hungarian Plum Cake...

Szilvás Sütemény
Hungarian Plum Cake
Submitted By: Marie

Nick’s Awesome...

     Recently, a major contributor to
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Slavic Cooking – Happy Easter

easter 2014_350x124

  WELCOME      Welcome to the all new website which is dedicated to traditional recipes from the Slavic Region of old Europe. The Slavic Region is represented by many nations including but not limited to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Ukraine, Serbia, parts of Russia and others. This is about the home-made cooking of […]

Paska – Slovak Easter Sweet Bread

Paska - Slovak Easter Sweet Bread

     Like many of the other Eastern Europeans, Slovaks attach a great importance to the serving of our traditional foods on Christmas and Easter. These two Holidays are basically the only major observances of Slovaks here in the United States and the Homeland. During the Christmas Holidays the main day of our celebration is Christmas […]

Slovak Easter Cheese – Veľká noc Cirák

Slovak Easter Cheese (Cirak)

Easter (Veľká noc)      During the weeks preceding Easter, Czech and Slovak cities have street markets selling kraslice, gingerbread lambs and other Easter items.      But Easter Monday practices, involving boys pouring water over girls and lightly whipping them with braided branches, are the most controversial of Easter traditions. As The Foreigner’s Guide to Living […]

Hungarian Easter Cheese – Húsvéti sárga túró

Hungarian Easter Cheese

Easter (Húsvét)      At Easter, boys in Hungary would sprinkle girls with perfume scented water while citing one of the funny little poems they wrote for these occasions. Today this is a tamer version where boys would use buckets of water. Of course, as with the many eastern Europe, part of the Easter celebrations is […]